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F11-EE-222-01 : Applied Quantum Mechanics I

FALL 2011

Course Description

F11-EE-222-01 Emphasis is on applications in modern devices and systems. Topics include: Schrodinger's equation, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, solutions of simple problems including quantum wells and tunneling, quantum harmonic oscillator, coherent states, operator approach to quantum mechanics, Dirac notation, angular momentum, hydrogen atom, calculation techniques including matrix diagonalization, perturbation theory, variational method, and time-dependent perturbation theory with applications to optical absorption, nonlinear optical coefficients, and Fermi's golden rule. Prerequisites: MATH 52 and 53, PHYSICS 65 (or PHYSICS 43 and 45).

Course Meetings


Name Teaching Staff Dates Day Time Location
Lecture Section(s)
EE-222-01 David Miller
09/26/11 - 12/09/11
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
McCullough 115
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